Making The Short for The Missing Peace

I met Shana, Brady, and Jamie Erin when I first filmed their work-in-progress of their new work, The Missing Peace back in January.  The first thing that struck me about the work, was not only how expressive it was, but how these three artists cared and valued people who were struggling with loss and being lost.

There three pieces involve alzheimer's disease, suicide, and identity.

My oldest brother, Mike, committed suicide in 2008.  My grandmother suffered from alzheimer's disease and dimensia, and I've struggled with identity and caused damage to myself and others through misplaced identity.

So, with all of these struggles, I was glad I got to work with them once more, making a short film to be played before their performance.  For me, this was amazing, not only because I got to be a part of something they have put their hearts into, but because I got to join my heart in, listen to them and contribute to these ideas.